Mumbai Escorts Service Charges

When you are out to hire a model for escort service in Mumbai thee very first thing you should look out for and make sure  about is the charges of these high class model escorts in Mumbai. There is no way to get an elite and VIP model escort for a cheap price in Mumbai. So if you are the one who can spend well and carry such an amount of cash or willing to pay through online transaction then only you proceed to hire for Mumbai escorts service.

Everything comes at a price

Every single thing in today’s world sells at a price, if not in exchange of money than inclusive of barter system but nothing comes for free. Same goes with escort services in Mumbai but the payment here won’t let you think twice as escorts will serve in such a way to provide the value of your money.

Spend less, gain more

The basic mantra of business functioning is “Spend Less, Gain More” and we at Mumbai Model Escorts follows the same mantra, not only for us but for our customers as well. Yes, you read it right; we render such quality services that give a guarantee of High joyful return in relation to the amount of bucks invested. Spend less is less when compared to the quantity of qualitative fun gained in return. Our model escorts in Mumbai comes at definitive price as per the attributes and features possessed by the escorts.

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Negotiation after Hotel Details

It is the rule of commerce that you can and must negotiate on the price when you are purchasing some goods or services. Well obviously the escort services in Mumbai are not so cheap that every other person can afford to avail such high profile escorts in Mumbai. But Even you can try to save a bit by negotiating and you are always welcome to bargain only with a condition that you must have provided your hotel booking details and we have cross-checked on that. Even the price of every escort girl in our escort agency in Mumbai is negotiable but we try our best to offer you the better than the best price feasible at the moment.

No Extra Service Charges

Just according to the rule of commerce, we don't charge extra service charges from our customers. Everything is included in the price finalized on the deal. Our Mumbai Escorts provide every service included in the package. If you want any kind of administration from the girl then it only depends on her whether to do that for free or to charge from you. Always keep in mind that we don't charge commissions even from the escorts. We also advise you to ask every detail about the price and the things included in the package if you want to book an escort in Mumbai from any other escort agency. It is always better to have precautions than to cure.

Charges for Escort Service in Mumbai

One thing is very clear that you are hiring our escort girls the you must give the appropriate amount to the person on arrival either in cash or by paying online. The main thing is the charges we discuss and display is for hiring escorts providing escort service in Mumbai. The services are described and discussed with our host attending the calls or replying your chat message on whatsapp. Whatever they will make in the final call are the full and final money you must shell out to get the company of our model escorts in Mumbai.

Charges for Travel or Hotel Booking(If Any)

There are many instances when you have been surprised at the last moment about the hidden charges, which sometimes spoil the evening as well. Just to avoid those moments you must ask the host about any extra charges or exxpenses which may apply apart from the services charges of Mumbai escort girls.If the travel time and location is far from the models’ location then we will tell clearly about the expenses  you have to pay for hotel transfers. If you are demanding for escort service in Mumbai for your home or private place then you must pay an extra travel expenses in advance to secure and confirm the appointment.

Our Models

Model Charges

Before anything else you must look out for the charges of those elite and top class female model escort girls in Mumbai because nothing of the elite class comes for the price of regular and humdrum escorts in Mumbai.


Rs. 50,000/- 1 Hr.



Cash Payment on Arrival

Privacy Guaranteed

Full Service


Rs. 1,00,000/- 1 Hr.

Single Seession

Elite Class

Cash Payment on Arrival

Full Service

Love Making At peak

Dinner Date

Rs. 1,50,000/- 1 Hr.

2 Sessions

Dine Out

Go Partying

Cash / Transfer on Arrival

GirlFriend Experience


Rs. 2,50,000/- 1 Hr.

Multiple Sessions

Evening till Breakfast

Uninterrupted Fun

Cash / Transfer on Arrival

No Interruption

Note :- Negotiations will Kill some of the luxury and liberal services offered from our escort girls. If you are negotiating on the above mentioned priceand then taking services then please do not complain about our model escorts in Mumbai

Negotiation on charges equals to negotiation on services

The quality of negotiation runs into the blood of Indians and we are just next to the perfect while negotiating for anything. We have encountered with many clients who push extraordinarily negotiating the price of escort services in Mumbai. If you are also the one who loves to negotiate then let us tell you that price negotiation rakes in negotiation of services rendered along it. We are sure that you don’t want ruin your luxury time with Mumbai Model Escort over few bucks, so keep in mind that a quality service is offered without negotiating.

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Want to enjoy fully fledged lovemaking?

Hot Bird Mumbai Escorts- Enjoy BDSM and Other Enjoyable Tricks

Yes, men always want to get more and more erotic joy every time. The same process is boring. This is why; you will get different types of foreplay that will mature the sense of lovemaking. you will be able to enjoy so many sorts of lovemaking styles and positions of lovemaking when you will perform the hot sessions with the Mumbai escorts. starting from missionary positions to modern western positions and so many other sessions you will get when you make love with the top Mumbai escorts.

Different sorts of styles with Mumbai escorts

Styles, positions, and activities make a man happy with the lady love. If your mind wants to enjoy the anal or oral performance, you will be able to make love with all those styles. On the other hand, the girls are so much juicy that you will have great honey extracted from the secret part. You can also practice BDSM and other tricks with the Mumbai escorts. when you are at your top erotic enjoyment, you will feel the perfect enjoyment with orgasm and the ejaculation will be full of enjoyment.

If you want to make your mind fully enjoyed and contented, you must contact Mumbai escorts now.

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Mumbai Escorts are so extremely sensual divas that you won't mind paying for.

Escort services have always been a hot topic for their high prices. Most of the people compare escort services with the services of prostitutes. As an escort agency, we have cam across many visitors who ask that why should we pay high to the escorts when we can have the same fun from prostitutes in a much cheaper amount? They don't know the true difference between the two of kind. We have a lot more to say about our girls working with us as escorts in Mumbai but we won't. Because our Mumbai Escorts are so extremely sensuous that we know you won't think twice to pay after getting a full view of the divas. Every single body is sensual in its way and capable of making dicks wet without a touch. In a busy city like Mumbai, our escort girls are the gateway to peace.


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